Introduction to Financial Accounting

Introduction to Financial Accounting

About this workbook: This workbook contains exercises to accompany the textbook Introduction to Financial Accounting by Andrew Thomas and Anne Marie Ward (8th edition).

This workbook has 8 modules.

1 The accounting equation and its components (Ch. 7)
The accounting equation
Assets or Liabilities
2 Business transactions and T-accounts (Ch. 9)
Statement of profit or loss transactions
Statement of financial position transactions
Inventory transactions
All transactions
3 The balancing of accounts and the trial balance (Ch. 10)
Closing off accounts
Trial Balance
4 Day books and the journal (Ch. 11)
Statement of profit or loss journal entries
Statement of financial position journal entries
Inventory journal entries
5 The final financial statements of sole traders (introductory) (Ch. 14)
Statement of profit or loss
Statement of financial position
6 Depreciation and non-current assets (Ch. 15)
Intangible assets
Asset disposal
7 Irrecoverable receivables and allowance for irrecoverable receivables (Ch. 16)
Dubious Debt
Irretrievable Debt
8 Accruals and prepayments (Ch. 17)
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