Introduction to Accounting 1

Introduction to Accounting 1

About this workbook: This workbook covers the fundamentals of accounting. Recommended as a general introduction to accounting for beginners.

This workbook has 12 modules.

1 Capital
Introduce capital
2 Cash Management
Petty cash
Withdraw capital
3 Trading
4 Expenses
5 Trading on credit
Purchases on credit
Sales on credit
6 Discounts
Purchases with discounts
Sales with discounts
7 Carriage
Purchases with carriage
Sales with carriage
8 Straight-line
Depreciation (straight-line)
9 Reducing balance
Depreciation (reducing balance)
10 Accruals
11 Prepayments
Prepayments (expense method)
12 Unearned revenue
Unearned Revenue
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